Teen Review — Case File 13: Zombie Kid by J. Scott Savage

zombie kidNick, Angelo, and Carter were three monster obsessed boys. When Nick misses Halloween for his great-aunt’s funeral he comes back…different. Almost as if he’s dead, or undead in this case. They soon realize Nick turned into a zombie. Follow the boys’ adventure as they try to solve how Nick became a zombie and how to change him back! The bigger question is, will they be able to change him back or will Nick stay a zombie…forever!

I loved how this book was scary yet the humor from the character Carter makes the book even more exciting. I also loved how situations in this book weren’t predictable, each page was full of twists and turns making this book a real page-turner. Also, the writing the style of this book was great; it made me feel as if I was there through the whole adventure. Case File 13 Zombie Kid is definitely one of the best laugh-out-loud books there are!

The most memorable thing about this book was definitely the personality of the character Carter. In the book, Carter was the funniest out of the “three monsterteers”. His witty personality surely is one of the reasons that this book was so magnificent.

four starsReview by Dorcas, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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