Teen Review — Wrap-up List by Steven Arntson

wrap up listThis book is about a girl in high school and she receives a letter from Death. Deaths are creatures that walk around their town and, when they think it is someone’s time to go, they give you a letter in a red envelope. If you receive a letter, you can write back telling them what you want before you die. At the end of many of those lists, the person asks for a Pardon. Adding to getting her Death note, she finds a mystery involving her dead grandfather, and a Death note given to an unexpected friend.

This book was very well written and a great read. It did not take me long to read because I was so interested in it. The plot was unlike any book I have read before, and it was executed very well. I was sad that it ended so quickly, but there was not much else to say.

This book was memorable because it made me feel lots of emotions. I also liked this book because it was very unexpected. Normally in books, one is able to see what is probably going to happen. In this book, I did not feel that way.

0-five-starsReview by Cameron, Grade 8, Gayton Library

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