Teen Review — Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life by James Patterson

Middle School, The Worst Years of My LifeIt’s the beginning of a new school year in Hills Village.  A time for new reputations, happy students, and good behavior, and every student strives to do their best work.  Except for Rafe Katchedorian.  On Rafe’s first day of middle school during an assembly where every rule in the Conduct book is read, Rafe decides to break every rule in the book.  However, at every turn looms the threat of suspension and being expelled.  With the help of Leo the Silent, will Rafe break every rule, or will he get booted out of Hills Village Middle school before every rule is broken?

I really liked this book!  I kept going back to read more and more, and I thought James Patterson did an excellent job of showing the life of a sixth-grade boy through art and words.  The plot was excellent, flowed smoothly, and I could see the story through my mind.  One part I didn’t like was that Rafe, when his three strikes were up, still drew his grand finale on the wall.  I thought Rafe cared more about what he did to his mother emotionally, and when I read that part of the book, I was shaking my head.

One part of this book that I won’t forget is when I found out who Leo really was.  I definitely did not see that part coming.

0-five-stars    Review by  Hannah, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library 

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