Teen Review — Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Mila 2.0Mila 2.0 is truly a very thrilling sci-fi must read!  Mila is a normal teenage girl, going through the typical ups and downs of a teen’s life.  Mila and her mother move to a small town in Minnesota after Mila’s father is killed in a fire.  Mila tries to fit in and adjust as the new kid in town, and meets a girl named Kaylee (who soon becomes her best friend).  Because of Kaylee’s outspoken and energetic personality, Mila has begun to be accepted into her school by her peers.  But that is when a new boy moves into town, and let’s just say he is more than average looking.  It’s obvious that Kaylee set her eyes on him from the beginning, but it seems that the new boy, Hunter, is only interested in Mila.  Tensions rise between the two best friends, and as Kaylee recklessly drives Mila and Hunter home, Mila is thrown from the vehicle and is injured on her arm.  However, instead of blood coming out of her arm, there is metal and other fluids.  When questioned, Mila’s mother is forced to tell the truth, that Mila is actually an android, and her mother and father are scientists.  Since Mila was developing human-like feelings, her mother stole her from the military and raised Mila as her own child.  Now the government has found out where she is and they are running to capture her.  Mila must make the right decisions and flee with her mother from the military and other enemies.

Debra Driza enchanted her readers with the beautifully written plot and resolution.  Mila’s personality was visualized very vividly.  I was so caught up in the train of emotions I felt with Mila as she went up and down in her life that I lost track of time!  The reader can truly understand Mila’s feelings as she finds out she is actually an android, and all this time, most of her life had been created.  Readers run along with Mila as they try to escape the clutches of the military.  This book is a must read for anyone who likes dramatic, emotion gripping reads.

I personally thought that the best part of the book was when Mila found out that she was actually an android.  The wave of emotions she had was unimaginable and never should anyone have to experience living a life of lies.  This is just one of the many moments in the book that were memorable.

0-five-stars   Review by Ajitha, Grade 7,  Gayton Library

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