East End TAB

Fairfield TAB Recommends: October 9, 2014

The Fault in the Stars is a very popular movie and book that people all across America can not get enough of. It is about a girl named Hazel Grace and she is diagnosed with cancer. She then meets this guy named Augustus Waters at a Support Group. He is also suffering from cancer. They soon fall in love. You do not want to miss this amazing love story! Check it out on the link above.

Some of our favorite Halloween candies are: Reese’s, Skittles, Brach’s candy corn, Charm’s Blow Pops, Almond Joy, Sour Patch Kids, Ring Pops, Butterfinger, Peeps

Photo from @Jackie on Flikcr

Hot top 5 songs we love:

1. New Flame- Chris Brown featuring Usher and Rick Ross

2. Latch- Disclosure

3. The Neighborhood- Sweater Weather

4.The Pressure- Jhene Aiko

5.Maps- Maroon 5

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