Read + Review: Tape, by Steven Camden

This book is about a boy who records a tape that a girl listens to a couple of decades later. Ryan is a kid whose mother died in a car crash. Ryan’s dad gets remarried to a lady named Sophie. Sophie isn’t that bad of a mother. The problem, however, is that Sophie brought along her son, Nathan with her, whom Ryan hates. Ryan records his thoughts and feelings during that time into a tape recorder. Years later, a girl named Ameliah, who has also lost her mother, finds the tape in the house she’s moved into. She hears Ryan talk about his thoughts and feelings throughout the book.

I think that this book is interesting, because of the way the author narrates it. First, it would show a chapter of Ryan’s life, then a chapter of Ameliah’s life. It would sway between the two separate stories, until the story became one, whole, wonderful story to read. You might not understand it at first, but if you read the chapter over and over again, you will understand it. Altogether, this book is a nice book to read sometime.

One memorable thing about the book is how it entwines the two separate stories into the book itself. The book goes over all sorts of emotions: Happiness, Sadness, Anger and Hate, and turns it into one memorable story.

four stars

Reviewed by Adithya, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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