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Read + Review — Warriors: Dawn of the Clans #4: The Blazing Star, by Erin Hunter


Red in tooth and claw, the wild cats of the moor and forest settle peace after the great battle that took away many of their friends and family. Their spirits rose from their corpses and left a message–Unite or Die. Gray Wing and his brother, Clear Sky, are most affected along with the dozens of cats mourning for their loved ones. Out of the gloom rises peace, as the two sides make amends to their friendship and prosperity. That peace is soon shattered by not only a deadly disease that kills every cat it touches, but also another vile creature by the name of One Eye. Clear Sky is fooled by One Eye’s skill and cunning and welcomes him in his band only to have his cats killed and threatened. As the sickness gets worse, Gray Wing takes Clear Sky, now driven away from his band, in. Will Clear Sky be able to take back his band? Will they finally find the cure for the Sickness?

Just as Troy was stunned by the Spartan “gift of victory” horse, I was amazed by this book. The book was an outstanding sequel to The First Battle (which basically almost closed the entire series with its big battle). As a person might think that this book would be entirely just an epilogue or just an attachment, it adds an incredibly great story to the series. The plot was very solid with almost no unnecessary variation. Erin Hunter added great feeling and color to many of the characters and also gave them more personality. This book also had an exceptional ending as it had an elongated aftermath in which the author could express clearly what happened and add greater foreshadowing. However, I do not like how One Eye is just like Scourge in which he is just Meat, Bones, and Evil. In other villainous characters (like Tigerstar), they would have a better back story and personality than just blood and guts. Overall, The Blazing Star was an astonishing book.

When I look back on when I was reading the book, the most memorable part was my first reaction to the cats that first discovered the animal that had the Sickness. My mind just screamed, “RABIES!”

four stars

Reviewed by Henry, grade 7, Tuckahoe Area Library

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