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Read + Review — The Last Apprentice: Fury of the Seventh Son, by Joseph Delaney


This story takes place in an old time period where witches, boggarts, and powerful, dark forces roam the earth. In this last novel of the Last Apprentice series, Tom Ward, John Gregory, and Grimalkin team up to prevent the Devil’s revival. With the Fiend’s body split into two parts, they have to do whatever is necessary to keep it that way in order to thwart his powers. Unfortunately, though, his followers manage to capture both pieces and plan on reassembling his body on Halloween. Together, the three must gather forces, both good and evil, to prevent his return.

There were a few plot twists that left me in tears because there were some turn of events that should have been expected a little, but the way the author wrote it made it feel like an emotional punch to the gut. At the beginning of the book, it had a light, carefree feeling, but as the story progressed, it got darker. The book overall was action-packed and attention-grabbing in surprising and sometimes ghastly ways. But for the most part, whatever safety and peace the characters once felt, completely disappeared by the time the first chapter was over.

A memorable thing in the book was how Tom grew in wisdom, strength, and courage, even though there were times that darkness would creep through his actions.

four stars

Reviewed by Camille, grade 10, Glen Allen Branch Library

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