Teen Reviews

Read + Review — Winterkill, by Kate Boorman


This book is about a reclusive settlement in the middle of the woods. The settlement protects the people who live in it from the malmaci, the evil spirits said to roam the woods. In this settlement, there are wayward acts, and they can be punishable by death. However Emmeline, the main character, has dreams of something calling to her from the woods. She then sets out to find out what is calling to her.

I thought this was a very good book. It very vividly described the settlement and the people living in it. There were also some very suspenseful, intriguing moments. My favorite character, Andre the watchman, performed acts of kindness toward Emmeline, which could have resulted in both of their executions.

One memorable thing about this book is how the author very vividly described the woods in winter. It made me feel like I was really there.

four stars

Reviewed by Ian, grade 10, Gayton Branch Library

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