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Read + Review — Bleed Like Me, by Christa Desir


Ever since her parents adopted three brothers from the streets of Guatamala, seventeen-year-old Gannon has been invisible. For the past five years, every day has been a painful and lonely struggle for Gannon. Suddenly, her whole life changes when she meets Brooks, a broken and troubled young man. Brooks is the first person to ever truly see her, and as she plunges deeper into their relationship, Gannon is faced with the ultimate, life-changing decisions.

Bleed Like Me was a total page turner; I finished the whole book in one sitting! However, it does deal with very dark and serious issues. The characters were not admirable, but they were lovable nonetheless. Gannon’s love interest, Brooks, was a very mysterious character and he kept me interested in the story. I really enjoyed Desir’s writing style because it was so easy to understand and I was able to feel like I was part of the story.

The most memorable thing about the book was the intense relationship between Gannon and Brooks. I have never before read a book where the main character is in a codependent relationship, so it was very interesting for me.


Reviewed by Maryum, grade 11, Twin Hickory Area Library

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