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Read + Review — The Infinite Sea, by Rick Yancey


The Infinite Sea is about Zombie, Cassie, Sam, Dumbo, Ringer, Teacup, and Pound Cake, who are living in a post apocalyptic world. Aliens are trying to kill the remaining humans using carbon dioxide bombs and by using their spies called “Silencers”. The kids are waiting in an old broken down hotel for a friendly Silencer to come and give them information on survival. However most of the group believes that he is dead because the last they saw of him, he was on a spacecraft that blew up. This book is about the group of kids trying to hold their position at the hotel.

I thought that this book was well written because it includes very descriptive scenes and lots of action. The plot sets the writing up to be intense and suspenseful. The characters of this book are well characterized and go in-depth in extraordinary ways. I must say the cursing was not something that I enjoyed seeing in the book, but that is the only thing I have against this book. The Infinite Sea is for anyone who wants a thrill.

One memorable thing about this book is how the children have to have carbon dioxide detectors in their mouths to stay safe. It showed that the aliens had such brutal ways of killing the humans off.

four stars

Reviewed by Varun, grade 6, Tuckahoe Area Library

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