Northside TAB

Northside TAB Recommends … Books & Movies for Winter Break

With the movie released a while back, TAB recommends the excellent The Book Thief, narrated none other than Death himself. Chronicling the story of a young girl in Germany, at a time when Nazi rule was at its height, Death narrates her life and her struggles against anti-Semitic and anti-reading Germany.

In The Glass Castle, a three-year-old girl catches on fire, wearing a tutu, cookin’ some hot dogs. Her life is then explored in detail, as she flees from tax collectors around the country, as her parents have no care for money. TAB also recommends the Maximum Ride series, which has now drawn to a close.

In imageHeck: Where the Bad Kids GoDale E. Basye tells the wacky story of Milton and Marlo Fauster, who die prematurely in a marshmallow bear accident. They then proceed through the nine rings of “Heck”, a veritable hell for all the naughty children, tweens, and teens of the world. An excellent parody of Dante’s Divine Comedy, this nine-books series is definitely worth a look for anyone who loves humor, wit, the Bible, and breaking the third wall.

Also definitely check out the final installment of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit series, The Battle of the Five Armies, and Mockingjay Part One. On the more serious side, The Theory of Everything showcases the story of Stephen Hawking we’ve never seen- between him and his wife before ALS struck him. Big Hero 6 is also recommended for the family.

For the manga and anime fans out there (looking at you James, this is Madoc) our very own AJ recommends Word TriggerSeraph of the Endand All You Need is KillHope you enjoyed our picks, and be sure to tune in next time!

After much discussion in our Teen Advisory Board meeting, we can also recommend HCPLTeenScene on Instagram as our preferred way to follow the library.

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