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Read + Review — Stolen: Heart of Dread, Book Two, by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston


This book was about Anastasia Dekesthalias, also known as Nat, trying to protect her drakon back after it was injured. This story takes place in the world after the Apocalypse. While Nat is waiting for her drakon to heal, she comes across an old friend, Ryan Wesson, also known as Wes. Wes tells Nat that he is trying to find his sister Eliza Wesson. When they finally find Eliza, Nat and Wes are not prepared for Eliza’s “great appearance.”

Overall, I think that the book was great. Even though this was the only book in the series that I read, this series could easily become one of my favorites. But just when things in the book look like they’re getting better, another problem arises. One thing I disliked was the drama was expressed a little too much and I think Melissa de la Cruz could’ve added some more happy parts.

One memorable thing was the enormous cliffhanger at the end of the book.

four stars

Reviewed by Atharva, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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