Teen Reviews

Read + Review — The Iron Trial, by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare


This book is about a boy named Call and his friends, Tamara and Aaron. Call has heard from his father that the Magisterium is a bad place, and that he should fail the test to get accepted. Despite his tries, Call qualifies to get into the Magisterium and is introduced to the world of magic. Call tries to keep in mind he will escape towards the end of the year, but the place becomes harder to resist.

The book starts off a bit slowly, yet quickly picks up speed after the first couple chapters. Some characters seemed to be one way, but ended up being the complete opposite. There are many details, and the book ends rather suddenly. Many of the decisions Call makes are very important and he makes them quickly, such as adopting a wolf pup.

One memorable thing is that Call has his mind set on leaving the Magisterium after the semester is over, and yet at the end of the year, he decides to do something that changes how he will live the rest of his life, in or out of the Magisterium.

four stars

Reviewed by Shreya, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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