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Read + Review — Chasing Power, by Sara Beth Durst


Chasing Power details the adventure of a girl named Kayla, who was born with the power of telekinesis. After her father killed her sister, her mother took her and ran away. After training her power for several years, she became an expert shoplifter. She uses her skills for taking money that she saves up, in case she ever needs to go on the run again. One day, she meets a boy named Daniel, who has powers of his own. He enlists her help to find his mother, and the book is about their experience in doing so.

This book wasn’t exceptional, but it did try to set itself apart from all of the other YA novels. It had a well written, unique protagonist, which was something that I enjoyed greatly. However, the narrative felt stale, and lacking in color and description. The major plot twist was predictable, and most of the other characters fell into cliche roles, and had little character development.

One memorable thing about this book was the protagonist, who was strongly written and well developed. She was unlike many, many other YA novel protagonists, and was intelligent and straightforward, unlike the shrinking violets that are typically seen in these kinds of novels.


Reviewed by Linda, grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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