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Read + Review — Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige


Amy Gumm has it hard. Living with her single mother who believes all her problems are because of Amy, the teen wants nothing more than to escape. But when a tornado whisks up her trailer house and lands her in Oz, Amy wishes she could go back home. Oz isn’t like in the books, with the shiny yellow brick road, smiling Munchkins, and gleaming Emerald City. It’s corrupt… because of Dorothy. It’s up to Amy to restore Oz to its former state before it’s too late.

Overall I thought the book was a decent read. At first I was disappointed because I thought the writing was borderline amateur, the story moving almost too fast, but it soon fell into place. There wasn’t as much action as I was hoping for it to have with Amy having to complete tasks to stop Dorothy. Points of the book were rather boring and sometimes unbearable, but would soon be made up for with some excitement. It’s worth the read if you’re interested in seeing what Dorothy has done with the place.

One memorable thing is that I was so relieved while reading the book that there was no love triangle. After reading several YA books with love triangles, it was nice not to have to choose between Team A or Team B.


Reviewed by Erica, grade 10, Glen Allen Branch Library

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