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Read + Review — Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell


Cath grew up reading Simon Snow, living in the world of mages and magic, with her twin sister Wren. But as freshmen year of college rolls around, Wren doesn’t want to spend her time obsessing over a fictional world, or have to share a room with Cath, still living in her childhood fantasy. Cath must learn to cope with the challenges she faces, including the cutie from her Fictional Writing Class, a professor who doesn’t understand the concept of fanfiction, and a scary roommate with an obsessive boyfriend. Can Cath continue to hide away in her world of Simon, or will she have to let him go?

Rainbow Rowell is truly a gifted writer. Bringing both her story and her characters to life, it’s extremely easy to get whisked away into the world of Fangirl. The witty humor and relatable experiences of the characters are sure to capture any reader’s attention. I especially enjoyed how she wrote her characters and portrayed their thoughts to the reader. Rainbow Rowell also added excerpts of the famous “Simon Snow” books at the beginning of each chapter which would somehow tie into the following chapter. It was an overall enjoyable read and is currently one of my favorites.

One of the most memorable things about the book was both the plot and dialog between the characters. It was sure to either bring me to a puddle of tears, heaps of laughter, or a bundle of smiles, experiencing every emotion possible while reading the book.


Reviewed by Erica, grade 10, Glen Allen Branch Library

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