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Read + Review–The Rule of Thoughts, by James Dashner


Continuing where the last book left off, Michael, a tangent now human, found himself in a different apartment, a different world, and a different body. After realizing that he’s now in a hijacked body and now a fugitive from the law, Michael quickly meets up with friends to find out how to end Kaine. The VirtNet is deteriorating however and time is running out, people are being replaced by tangents, and the VNS can’t handle it. Michael has to traverse what it means to be human and figure out which side of the screen is truly the game.

I enjoyed the book, it really picked up toward the end, but not a lot during the beginning. Most of the book consists of Michael getting used to his body and then traveling all across the country. But with that being said, the settings and situations were surprising enough to keep me invested in reading till the end. And the end will surprise you.

The Mortality Doctrine is the most interesting thing about it as a whole as it is a major plot point that began the book. It’s the concept of downloading a whole different person into another’s body, and later on it becomes apparent that the differences between the game, Lifeblood Deep, and the real world is harder to differentiate.

four stars

Reviewed by Alsharief, grade 11, Twin Hickory Area Library

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