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Read + Review — Atlantia, by Ally Condie


The book Atlantia was about twin sisters, named Rio and Bay, who lived in an underwater city called Atlantia. Rio and Bay are forced to choose between their beloved city and the world above them. All Bay can see is how beautiful Atlantia is, and all Rio can think about is the world above them. This difference may separate the two sisters forever and their story engrosses the reader into a whirlwind.

I liked the book and I felt that it was quite unique. The book contained clear and vivid images of the city Atlantia. The way the author used imagery and strong vocabulary to describe Atlantia made me feel as if I was vicariously adventuring through Atlantia alongside Rio through the book. The bond that the sisters shared held them together no matter the circumstances or how far away they were from each other. I enjoyed the book, because I rarely read such a enthralling novel.

The most memorable element of the book was how Rio was a Siren. Bay taught Rio how to mask her voice so that she could survive in Atlantia. Anyone who was identified as a Siren would immediately be killed or sent to jail. The way Rio maintained her voice for all of those years was just shocking. Almost no one learned the truth about Rio’s voice unless she intended them to.


Reviewed by Saanvi, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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