Read + Review — Fantasy League by Mike Lupica

Fantasy leagueCharlie’s nickname is ‘Brain” because of his extreme knowledge of football.  His hometown hasn’t had a football team in nearly 20 years though.  The owner of the pitiful team, his best friend’s grandfather, allows him to sit with him in his suite at the stadium at all home games.  When Charlie suggests that they need Tom Pinkett, a quarterback from the Cincinnati Bengals that is trying to make the team, he agrees.  Their new quarterback plays very well.  But there is one problem, the GM disagreed and all of the media is focused on Charlie because of the fact that he helped the team.  Can Charlie Gaines survive the media and the GM?

The book was filled with suspense and entertainment.  I loved how the author used words to describe the actions and feelings of the characters throughout this fascinating book.  Fantasy League had the perfect characters for every single part because of the fact that there needs to be an old owner on each team and some child that influences the ending of the book.  The cliff hangers at the end of each chapter kept me on my toes and I wanted to read badly at the end of them.

The most memorable thing that happened in the book was when Charlie used his knowledge of football to help his football team, the Culver City Cardinals win a few games.

Reviewed by Ben, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library  

four stars


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