Read + Review — Legend by Marie Lu

legendAmerica is currently at war and it’s split into different groups known as the Republic, the colonies, and the patriots. On top of that plagues and diseases are going around the districts. Once a child turns ten they take a trial that tests your skills, and a perfect score of 1500 has only been heard of once, or so they think. Your score dictates whether you’ll go to a top college or if you’ll go to work instead. Day failed his trial and he is also considered one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, mostly because he hasn’t been caught. Once he crosses the path of June Iparis a high class girl with a perfect score his life will change forever in many ways.

The plot of this book is about a dystopian society in America and those are one of my favorite types of books to read. The interaction between characters is what I love about books and the romance aspect of it. I love how it makes you question things going on in your life and it makes you wonder if you could survive in Day’s world. Also I think it’s amazing how Marie Lu does a fantastic job of incorporating sarcasm and humor into the book to relieve some of the stress making the book even better than it already is. The plot and the relationships of the characters are what drives this book to the finish line and I can even picture this book becoming a movie in the future.

What I kept thinking about when I finished the book was how everything June Iparis thought about her country, government, and her parents was wrong. Also I kept wondering what it would feel like to have your world turned upside down.
Reviewed by Katya, grade 11, Tuckahoe Area Library  

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