Read + Review — Talon by Julie Kagawa

talonIn ancient times, dragons were hunted to near extinction by a group of dragon slayers, called the Order of St. George. Dragons had no way to survive except by hiding away and shape shifting into humans. Talon was the only place safe for dragons that could not shape shift, a secret organization founded to ensure the survival of dragons and help their race grow stronger. Ember Hill is a hatchling dragon sent to Crescent Beach, California to get taught by Talon’s highest ranked officers on how to survive and learn about Talon. But are what they learn true?

Meanwhile, while Ember is at Crescent beach, she falls for a human named Garrett. Is she, a dragon supposed to fall in love with a human? And when she is still learning how to survive with humans, she is secretly being hunted by the Order of St. George. When I first started this book, I assumed that I was not going to appreciate reading this book because I thought I had no interest reading a novel about dragons falling in love with humans. However, I was proven wrong. This book was extremely intriguing and full of suspense. It is full of romance and action-packed fights between dragons and the Order of St. George.

When i was reading this book, i couldn’t help to notice how much this novel represents how teenagers act and how romance develops and works in the real world.

Reviewed by Patrick, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library  

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