4 Kinds of Snow Day Reads

Just in case school’s cancelled this week, a few snow day reading suggestions:

Click the covers to find a copy in our catalog – including ebooks!

1. Something by Carl Hiaasen — those zany plots, crazy characters, and Florida setting will warm you right up!


2. A fantasy series that keeps you spell-bound for hours. Monster Blood Tattoo for amazing world-building; Graceling for fantasy action and adventure; or Lord of the Rings for all of the above.


3. Nonfiction: wow your snow-bound family with tidbits on anything from bird migration to the Civil Rights Movement.


4. That classic that all the other English classes read – except yours. To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, or 1984 would all go great with a cup of cocoa.

5. BONUS – if none of these look good, use our personalized 3 Books 4 Me service and we’ll email you some suggestions.

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