Read + Review — Witch & Wizard: The Lost

lost - pattersonAfter the events the previous three books, Wisty and Whit Allgood deserve a break from saving their City, three times. However these events only proved to the non-magical citizens that magic is to be feared and anyone who uses it is a potential threat. So the heroes who saved the city are being discriminated due to having magic, and the only to make it stop is to have it removed. But how can you give up something that makes you who you are, especially if the other side doesn’t want to play by those rules.

I quite enjoyed the book, I picked it up not knowing it was the fourth in the series but I never felt confused about who or what was going on. Every character is different in the way they interact, such as the siblings Wisty and Whit, Whit is the more calm one and likes to think things through while Wisty is more impulsive. The setting is almost always within the confines of the City boundary and despite all the down points in the story, it retains its humor quite well. It’s a nice mix of action, mystery, and suspense.

The most memorable thing about the book was probably the ending where the siblings pull themselves together and quite literally, give everything they’ve got.


Reviewed by Alsharief, grade 11, Twin Hickory Area Library

four stars

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