Read + Review — Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

blackiceMost of the story takes place on a cold and icy mountain, but it is unclear which specific mountain it is. Britt and her friend Korbie are going to Korbie’s brother, Calvin’s house. Or, more like his dad’s house. Calvin is Britt’s ex and she wants to show him up. She has read and taken classes on hiking in mountains and she wants to show that she is better than him and is over him. But, before she can reach the cabin, she finds another cabin that is not Calvin’s. It has two men, and soon enough, Korbie and she are hostages. They must find their way out and be smart about their decisions.

This book is definitely one of the best ones I have ever read. There is really not much I can say that states anything bad about the book. Even from the first sentence, any reader is hooked on. I enjoyed reading this book, and I recommend it to any teen reader that likes mystery or adventure books. Out of 10, I would rate this book 10. I loved it, and hope that other people read it also.

One memorable thing about Black Ice is that it hooks you in and you just have to keep reading. A lot of times, my parents had to force me to put the book away, and I just kept reading. The ending is also very realistic, but I cannot tell it. I hope other people read it and love it also.


Reviewed by Shreyas, grade 6, Glen Allen Library


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