Read + Review — I Was Here by Gayle Forman

I was hereIn a small town in Washington, a girl name Cody gets a suicide note from her best friend Meg. Cody can’t understand why Meg wanted to kill herself and can’t cope with her death. One day Cody is asked by Meg’s parents to go to Meg’s dorm to pick up her things. When Cody arrives she finds out Meg had a different life up there. She also finds out about a guy named Ben McAllister, who she thinks had something to do with why Meg wanted to die. Along the way she discovers things Meg had on her computer and tries to unlock the truth behind everything she has questions for.

I think the book was very well written. The plot is amazing and the book is filled with mystery, romance, adventure,and more. The characters are all developed well with different personalities. This book I could not stop reading. I would love to see this book become a movie.

The most memorable part is when Meg unlocked all the secrets and began her journey.


Reviewed by Olivia, grade 11, Gayton Library
four stars

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