Read + Review — Get Happy by Mary Amato

get happyThe book is set around a girl named Minerva who is turning sixteen very soon. She lives with her single mother and is best friends with Finnegan. Her dream and passion is to get a career in the music field. When she turns 16, she is hoping to get a ukulele to play her songs on. When she doesn’t receive that instrument, she is devastated, but surprisingly she gets a letter from her long-lost father. Read the book to find out about Minerva’s new life and how she copes with it.

This book is very well written because the readers can connect emotionally to Minerva’s reaction to her new family. I especially liked Finnegan because he encouraged Minerva to continue with her music even if she did not get her ukulele. From the very first sentence, the author keeps the reader hooked. She establishes the situations and personalities to fit the characters well and help the reader connect with them.

I think the most memorable thing about this book is Minerva’s reaction to her long-lost father and how she uses smart tactics to uncover the truth behind him.


Reviewwd by Pumoli, grade 10, Tuckahoe Area Library

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