Read + Review — Silver by Chris Wooding

silverSilver is a book about a disease which practically turns the body into a robot. The disease spreads through animals and when they bite other beings, it spreads even more. The first few chapters introduce the reader to the main characters, who include Adam, Mark, Erica, and Caitlyn. All are students at Mortingham Boarding Academy, a classic English boarding school housed in a former workhouse.

I really enjoyed the idea of the book but I feel that it was conveyed in a weird fashion. A disease that turns people into robots seems like a very good idea, as it is impossible to happen in real life. But I think that it could have been used better; instead of animals getting it from bites, it should have also spread by the wind and the water. I feel if there was more action to the book, it would have been better. The characters were well designed and they were very good.

The most memorable part of the book is when the four have to team up to fight against the disease. The funny thing about this is that they would probably not be friends if the disease had not struck, it was just for that reason.


Reviewed by Abhinav, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library
four stars

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