Read + Review — The Maze Runner by James Dashner

When Thomas wakes up, maze runnerhe has no recollection of anything, not even his own name. He finds himself in a strange place called the Glade where there are several other teenage boys. All of them have been sent to the Glade with none of their memories except for their name. The only way out and back to where they all came from is through the maze, an escape which the boys have been looking for, for almost three years. However, what none of them counted on was Thomas, someone who might finally be able to open the maze and get them out.

I really like the way the characters were crafted. Thomas was an interesting person and seeing things from his scope of view made you feel like you were actually in the Glade, going through all of these events. The situations could be terrifying at times and every chapter brought a cliffhanger of suspense, making me flip the page as fast as I could. James Dashner’s writing style makes you delve into the page and not come out which is what I most enjoyed. The Maze Runner gave me a break to run with Thomas and find out horrifying truths all at once.

The most memorable part about The Maze Runner is the knowledge of how everyone cared about all of them to try not to endanger their lives. The survival of everyone was taken into account instead of just certain people.


Reviewed by Mansa, grade 7, Glen Allen Library

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