Read + Review — Very Bad Things by Susan McBride

very bad thingsThe story focuses in on three main characters, Katie Barton, Katie’s best friend Tessa Lupinski, and Katie’s boyfriend, Mark Summers. The setting is Whitney Preparatory Academy, just your average private boarding school. After a wild party, an insane mystery unfolds at the school, and Mark is a prime suspect in the investigation. Katie just knows that all this has something to do with the weird things that have been happening to her lately. Although she knows she shouldn’t get involved, she decides to poke around for more information. The story becomes more shocking and twisted as time progresses.

The book was an overall good read. It had its slow points where nothing was happening, but it made up for those moments with fast-paced sequences and sudden plot twists. The story is written from a third-person point of view, but switches between characters every chapters or so. It was a very interesting way to write a story, and something you don’t see too often.

One memorable thing about the book was all the plot twists. There were so many, and they were so sudden, they really catch you off guard.



Reviewed by Kimberly, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library
four stars

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