Read + Review — A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

After the dThousand Pieces of Youevastating and sudden death of her father, Marguerite and one of her closest friends, Theo, race through multiple dimensions after the supposed killer. They utilize the strange device Marguerite’s parents invented, which is called the Firebird. This device allows one to travel through many different dimensions that are in existence. You can only travel through the dimensions when you are wearing the device around your neck, and only after it has been activated. These dimensions can be almost exactly the same as your home dimension or completely different and extremely dangerous. Here’s the catch — the Firebird hasn’t really been used before, so no one knows what could happen when you jump from one universe to the next.

Originally, I was captivated by this book because of its amazing description and beautiful cover. While reading it, I found myself getting lost in the fascinating characters and plot. I really enjoyed following the characters in their multiple life or death adventures. Some of the nail-biting moments in the plot made me not able to put it down! Since finishing the book, it has become one of my all-time favorites.

The different descriptions of the alternate universes and the well developed characters in this book really make it an interesting, fast-paced, unforgettable, and fun read.

Reviewed by Kayla, grade 9, Glen Allen Library  

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