Read + Review — Fairest by Marissa Meyer

FairestFairest is a intriguing tale about a young princess who only wants to be beautiful and fall in love with an already taken man. Princess Levana was scarred as a child when her sister and crown princess, Channary, throws her into a fire. This is only the beginning of her troubles. It tells all about the Lunar Court and Levana’s role (or lack thereof).

I thought it was amazing. It reveals the calculating inter-workings of the Lunar Court. It helps explain some of the gaps in the earlier books, such as Levana’s connection to Cinder and the other characters. This is another great addition to the Lunar Chronicles.

Levana’s twisted mind won’t let you decide if you pity her or if you despise her.

Reviewed by Emily, grade 8, Tuckahoe Area Library

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