Read + Review — The Knockout Games by Gregory Neri

Knockout GamesErica’s parents just got divorced. Now she has to move to St.Louis, with a new school. Obviously, being the “New-Kid” isn’t the best situation. Then she meets Destiny, and soon, joins the TKO club, as in, knocking random people out. It seems harmless and fun at first, but soon, the TKO’s get dangerous. People are getting badly injured, and there is a watch group after them. Has Erica bitten off more than she can chew?

I have one positive thing and one negative thing to say. First off the positive. I loved the suspenseful action and drama. As it turns out, the knock out games are a real issue in real life. The book not only delivered drama. but also taught me about the problems in real life with this game. Now  the one flaw I have with this book is the curse words! There are way too many, even for a young adult book!

I loved the information in the book.I started looking up the games to quench the thirst of the search.

Reviewed by Amaan, grade 7, Glen Allen Library
four stars

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