Read + Review — The Young Elites by Marie Lu

youngelitesA widespread fever, known as blood fever, infected and killed most of the population of Kenettra.  A few young children survived, and were left with strange markings on their bodies.  Among these survivors is Adelina Amourteru.  The Inquisition Axis, an agency that works for the king, is trying to kill every one of the survivors.  The people with markings are also known as malfettos.  The Inquisition Axis believes that malfettos could be a potential threat to the world.  A group of malfettos with exceptional abilities, the Young Elites, recruit Adelina Amourteru.  The Young Elites try to find others like themselves to destroy the Inquisition Axis and eventually rule Kenettra.

I think The Young Elites was an amazing book.  Some parts were full of tragedy, and others full of action, suspense, and love.  The Young Elites’ multiple genres kept my interest in the book.  Certain parts of the book could be improved in comedy, but overall, The Young Elites is one of the best books I have ever read.

One memorable thing about the book is Adelina Amourteru’s expression when she first meets Enzo, a Young Elite.


Reviewed by Atharva, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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