Read + Review — Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore

Mad dogs CHERUB 8As always, the CHERUBS are on a mission to somehow, courageously, save the world. Mad Dogs begins with a summary of the thrill the series of CHERUB has always brought, as it mentions how Gabrielle and Michael are in the middle of a treacherous gang war. This gang war is what the story revolves around, as it ultimately involves both James and his fellow companions, including Bruce. They help each other to help figure out how to put a stop to the gang war and find the true culprit of some mysterious findings. Obviously, the book brings along every past character within the CHERUB series at one point, and gives the story another perspective through different people’s points of views. It also ends up, in some way, involving the head of CHERUB, in this perilous and vivid story in the 8th book of the series.

CHERUB and its series has always brought together a rare usage of the surprise element in its stories. I particularly liked the story line, and how it has two different tales which get tangled up once in a while. It delicately intertwines the romance and thriller as it has always done, and I believe that this mixture is what makes the story so special. With that, there were some flaws in the story which, I believe, had some useless points in the middle, like the involvement of Mr. Large. But, overall, the book really captured the complete story in a way which was understandable to the reader, and had an effect upon the real story line.

To be truthful, I personally liked how the author applied the metaphor of ‘trusting yourself’ throughout the whole story, as it was mainly mentioned in the beginning, during the first mission. The best example is when James jumped out of the plane. It shows that he trusted himself to do that, and this background metaphor was well used by the author through the whole story, and that jump by James is my most memorable part of the book.


Reviewed by Ojas, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library
four stars


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