Read + Review: Rouge Knight by Brandon Mull

rogue knightRouge Knight is the sequel to Sky Raiders and the second book in the Five Kingdoms series. It follows up on Cole, a boy who was earlier kidnapped from Earth and had his friends sold as slaves in the new world. He was sold as a slave as well, but escaped with the help of Miracle (AKA Mira), a princess whose father staged her death and stole her shaping power. In the first book, she gets back her powers and learns that one of her sisters, Honor (AKA Nori) is in trouble and is set out on rescuing her. Cole, wanting nothing but to rescue his friends and get back to earth, sees no better option than to help Mira, hoping that he will eventually come up on his friends.

I really enjoyed the book because of the suspense and mystery. It was really well thought out, and it sometimes even made me laugh. Cole and another boy named Jace’s relationship was a bit enjoying to read about, as they don’t always get along, though they do start to realize that they have more in common than they think. The relationships between all the characters were all so realistic and fun to read about, along with the suspense and the way they depend on each other to survive.

One thing that really stuck with me throughout the book were the way things were set up compared to our life. The king (Mira’s dad) is so evil and calculating and rules that world pretty harshly. Slavery is legal, and the citizens can be as friendly as the polite strangers here or as cunning as the king.


Reviewed by Ananya, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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