Read + Review — Take Me On by Katie McGarry

Within tTake me onhe past year, former champion kickboxer Haley Williams has lost everything—including her home. She has broken up with her boyfriend, her father has been laid off, and she is living with her family in her strict, abusive Uncle’s overcrowded house. West Young blames himself for his sister’s accident and is struggling with issues in his dysfunctional family. After Haley and West’s paths cross during an almost-car-accident, the two are thrown into each other’s worlds. When West accepts a mixed martial arts fight, Haley is forced to relive her past. As Haley trains West, their relationship begins to develop and the two learn that their fight is only the beginning of something much more.

The book was exceptionally written and I especially enjoyed how the author wrote in both Haley and West’s perspectives in alternating chapters. This allowed the reader to understand both of the character’s stories and better grasp upon what they were going through. However, while the book had phases of engrossing moments, it also fell to scenes that were uneventful. There were times in the book where Haley and West’s romance became relatively dull to read about, whereas the focus on their individual troubles would have been more interesting.

One of the most memorable things about the book was the overall idea of kickboxing and how it was able to bring two such contrasting characters together. The sport not only uncovered Haley and West’s personalities, but also revealed their strengths both physically and emotionally.


Reviewed by Annie, grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library


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