Read + Review — The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

darkest part of the forestHazel and Ben are brother and sister, citizens of Fairfold where citizens and fairies and other magical creatures live side by side. Every year tourists flock to see the horned fairy boy who has been asleep since anyone can remember. Since they were young Hazel and Ben have been making stories of the horned boy in which they have been the valiant knights and the horned boy their prince. But, one day it all changes, somebody, somehow, has broken the glass coffin of the horned boy’s prison, and everything turns inside out. Fairies break decades of truces and mysterious things happen to everybody.

The book was riveting and completely pulled you in. It followed unknown folklore and it made it so kids of all ages could read it. All the characters where specially designed so they fit perfectly at the end for a perfect epilogue. The end left you yearning for more and the situations got crazier and crazier.

The book was amazing and a very memorable moment was the moment Hazel deciphered the cryptic clues and realization finally hit her.


Review by Jody, grade 7, Gayton Library

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