Read + Review — Butter by Erin Jade Lange

butterMarshall “Butter” is an obese teen, nicknamed after an incident in which he was bullied into eating an entire stick of dirty butter. This incident affects him through his life as he is constantly bullied at his school for his size, and later nicknamed “Butter”. Lonely and sick of his life, “Butter” declares online one night that he will eat himself to death over a live webcast on New Year’s Eve on, a website that he created. In spite of this, “Butter” tries to keep his mind off of things by playing the saxophone. He is truly gifted as a saxophone player but believes that his father does not love him because of it. Despite what went around his house, he also liked a girl at his school, but he was too shy to approach her because of his size. For this reason, he created a fake online version of himself named J.P. Anna, the girl he liked, talked to J.P. very often. From this, it was clear that it she had feelings for him. The only issue was that she had never seen a picture of him, because “Butter” did not want to reveal his identity. But at a point, he had to show his face so he told her that they would meet at New Year’s but he knew that he could not show his face. What had “Butter” gotten himself into?

I enjoyed reading this book. The writing style was great and I feel the author did a good job of describing what his life would be like. I also really liked the character known as “The professor.” Simply, he was Butter’s old band teacher. To me, the professor seemed more like Butter’s father than his actual father did. He was also very calm and collected when Butter told him bad news. The main problem that I had with the book was that there seemed to be some unnecessary parts of the book. Without them, I feel the book would have been the same.

The most memorable thing about the book was when Butter revealed his secret spot on the mountain to Anna. The reason for this is that he was willing to show her something that only he and his dad knew.


Reviewed by Abhinav, grade 7 , Twin Hickory Area Library
four stars

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