Read + Review — Since Last Summer by Joanna Philbin

Since Last SummerBack to the Beach! Rory McShane returns to the Rule’s mansion-sized home after last summer where she met her cute boyfriend, Connor Rule and her best friend, also Connor’s sister, Isabel Rule. She was thinking of a cool summer and having a blast with her two favorite people, but all doesn’t go as planned when Connor shows Rory the real him. Soon Rory starts second guessing their relationship, and things fall apart piece by piece. Meanwhile, Isabel Rule meets the perfect guy to help her get over her breakup last summer, Evan. He’s absolutely perfect, but is Isabel going to screw it up by obsessing over Mike? And what will happen between Rory and Connor? When Evan starts to notice Isabel drifting off, things get a little messy. Read the book to find out!

I thought the book was amazing. The drama between the characters had me on the edge of my seat. It’s a great book to relax and read on the beach or at the park. I like how the author got creative with the situations, and made you feel as though you were living the moment. She did a very good job of making you understand what the characters felt and even making you feel the same. I really enjoyed this book and for the whole story, be sure to read “The Rules of Summer”.

I think this book is gives off a very powerful feeling of forgiveness and understanding. I feel as though the characters really bonded and tried to see in another perspective. It also makes you acknowledge why it is so important to realize another’s situation and not jump to conclusions. I appreciate the sentiment in this book and what it tries to prove to the readers.


Reviewed by Rishika, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library
four stars

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