Read + Review — The Cipher by John C. Ford

CipherThe book is about a boy named Robert Smylie Junior. He is the son of the renowned billionaire Robert Smylie. The book takes place in Boston, as Smylie attends college. Symile’s best friend, Ben, has just discovered an algorithm that could change the face of technology and possible destroy Smylie’s fathers company. To keep secrecy, Ben and Smylie create a plot to sell the cipher to the NSA.

Overall, the book was interesting and very fun to read. It resembled an action movie in a way. I liked most of the characters, and they were developed nicely. Although I enjoyed the characters, I personally dislike the personality change in the end of the book. The change of personality change ruined the ending of the book, and that’s the only part I disliked.

One part that was very memorable in the book was at the very beginning when they tell us that Robert Smylie has a brain tumor and it changed the whole mood of the book and gives a sense of pity.


Reviewed by Yagnik, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library
four stars

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