Read + Review — I Totally Funniest: A Middle School Story by James Patterson

funniestJamie Grimm is like any other middle schooler, except for one thing. He beat out his local competition in New York with his stand up comedy – even though he did it while bound to his wheelchair. Now he is going to the finals of the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic contest. However, along the way he will have to choose what’s really important to him.

This book is a hilarious read, the whole way through. It throws in unexpected twists along with some of the wittiest one liners. It also tugs at the heart in an unexpected way. Jamie Grimm symbolizes hope for everyone and he shows how laughter truly is the best medicine.

The characters were built in such a way that they will stick with me forever. Jamie, the Smileys, Gilda, and Uncle Frankie were all extremely well done.


Reviewed by Silas, grade 8, Glen Allen Library
four stars


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