Read + Review — Middle School: Big Fat Liar by James Patterson

Big fat liarMiddle School: Big Fat Liar is about a girl named Georgia Katchadorian going to her older brother’s middle school, HVMS. Her older brother, Rafe Katchadorian was the troublemaker of the century and almost everybody thought Georgia would be the exact same. So Rafe and Georgia made a bet if Georgia was popular and got straight A’s she would win the bet but if she was unpopular and failing in grades she would lose. Could Georgia really win the bet with Rafe’s trouble making footprints all over HVMS.

I thought that the book was superb in the story line, plot, and the characters personalities were very unique and the contributed greatly to the story. I also liked the situations the Georgia was put in and how she went through them. One thing that I really liked was how Georgia and Rafe at home were okay with each other but still pulled pranks on each other like real sibling. Everything in this book was very good and I encourage people to try it.

One memorable thing about the book was when Mini Miller started to bully Georgia and how Georgia just went straight in with a kick to the shin. Mini Miller knew that Georgia could stand up for herself so he stopped bullying her.

Reviewed by Naveen, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library
four stars

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