Read + Review: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

maze runnerThomas wakes up in a strange elevator with no memory, he only knows his name.  The elevator eventually arrives in the Glade. The Glade is run by two boys that impose strict rules on the other members of their society to keep them from going into the Maze – a huge shifting, changing maze that surrounds the Glade. The boys are kept busy by doing farm work, building, or cooking, however the members of the Glade send out runners everyday to explore the Maze. Thomas believes he should be a runner, that he can get them out of the Glade.

It is an intense action-packed book with so many surprises the reader will lose count. James Dashner leaves the reader on their toes, constantly wondering what will happen next. The Maze Runner is impossible to predict, from the action to the hilarious humor thrown in. Not only will it surprise, but it will tug at heart’s as well.

The rash decisions Thomas makes throughout keep the book interesting and are the best part of the novel.


Reviewed by Silas, grade 8, Glen Allen Library


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