Read + Review — Monkey Wars by Richard Kurti

Monkey wars This book took a very different approach to the common animal personification novels that we see around. With an Animal Farm seeming scenario, Monkey Wars is about the war between the different species in the Indian city of Kolkata. The Langur monkeys are a group of highly trained military apes. The Langurs have taken over a cemetery that used to be the home of the Rhesus monkeys. As the Langurs continue to rule and take over the monkey-kind in the city, the Rhesus wage war on them. The book is about the Rhesus monkey’s attempts at taking back what is theirs while explaining the dictatorship in the Langur monkeys and the personal battle between two Langurs.

The book was an amazing insight in the the views of the author. If anyone had read Animal Farm, they will find it to be very similar however this takes Orwell’s book to a whole new world. The monkeys in Monkey Wars have so many human qualities, that at some point, the reader cannot distinguish between the two species. This book is an excellent read for the person interested in warfare books without the far-fetched fiction found in some. Not only is the book in the view of the protagonist, it also shows the view of the the antagonists, and the supporting characters and many more. The only way to properly understand this book is to read it and I recommend this novel to all with a little free time and a passion to read.

The most memorable thing about this book to me was the pure politics and battle between the brains of Mico and Tyrell.


Reviewed by Jalaj, grade 10, Tuckahoe Area Library


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