Read + Review — The Lost by James Patterson

lost - pattersonThis book was about Whit and Wisty’s struggles in their town, after the defeat of The One Who Is The One. They try to fit in, but many people shun them for being magical. Wisty is bothered, but continues to be herself. Whit struggles with internal conflict: to be or not to be? In the meantime, another antagonist arises. Just who is he? The ending was a complete twist, though.

I loved this book. Whit changed in a way I didn’t expect him to. Wisty, naturally, remains the bold, daring fire witch she always was. There were a few characters whom I didn’t expect to see again. And of course, I don’t think anyone expected the ending. It was shocking, but very typically James Patterson.

For me, the ending was the best part. I understand why other people may not have liked it, but I loved it.


Reviewed by Maggie, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library


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