Read + Review — A Dark Inheritance by Chris D’Lacey

dark inheritanceThe main character, Michael, has learned something that will change his life. When he saves a dog from jumping off a cliff, the witnesses said he moved so quickly, almost like he magically got there. He does have a huge connection to his father, who disappeared a couple of years ago when he was in New Mexico for a business trip. One day, some stranger tells him about his father and about his job, as an agent at UNICORNE. He convinces Michael to join it and investigate serious problems. The stranger, Amadeus Klimt, tells him to work on the issue of the dog he saved and a vampire-like girl that is in his class. He uncovers valuable information, but when he gets deeper and deeper into the mission, it all gets worse.

The author used imagery to put a picture in my mind when I read this extravagant novel. There was rarely any sense of humor in the book, but the characters were well thought of and perfect for all of the occasions in the story. The novel was filled with many plots and enemies at the best time for each problem. I liked how D’Lacey created amazing words in the novel to express the sadness and madness.

The most memorable thing in the novel was when Michael Malone first met Amadeus Klimt. He didn’t have any clue about who this random person was, but Klimt was very calm and did not care about what Michael said and did. Michael got home by stealing Chantelle’s motorcycle. Chantelle is a girl with a French accent that rides a motorcycle and works at UNICORNE. Amadeus eventually caught up with Michael and started chatting with him about his father. Although, Michael made a deal that he would join UNICORNE if Klimt told him more and more about his father.


Reviewed by Ben, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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