4 Ways to Be a Power User of Henrico Libraries

In honor of National Library Week, take your library skills up a notch!

1. Place holds from your smartphone (library app here) or home computer. This way, you don’t have to come into the building until the book arrives. You’ll need your library card number and PIN — everyone’s card has the PIN “changeme” until you change it — and don’t forget to choose the library where you’ll pick it up. Full directions here.

2. Read a book or magazine on a tablet, home computer, or smart phone: ebook info here.

3. Ask a librarian for a recommendation! Librarians love to talk about books — ask for the teen specialist at your branch, or use our online 3 Books 4 Me service.

4. Attend an event! Many talks advertised as for adults may interest older teens, too, so look at all event announcements; high school students can further their skills in Microsoft Office software in a computer class; and of course many activities are designed just for you (search your age group with our events calendar)!

See you online, and at the library!

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