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Read + Review — The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

last time we say goodbyeBack when Lex was happy, she had a family that was whole, a brother who was living, and a boyfriend that she loved. But that reality crumbled. Now, all she’s trying to do is build back her life and move on with the death of her brother. Prompted by her therapist, Lex releases her memories of before in a journal, all of the good moments, the bad, and how a single message could have changed Ty’s fate from life to death.

Having never read Cynthia Hand before, I was skeptical about what this book would offer in store for me. However, it is absolutely brilliant. The writing style is gorgeous and filled with so much grief your heart constricts and you weep for Lex but all of the good makes you smile and laugh with joy. Another excellent part of this book was how Hand made the characters three-dimensional. Although they made mistakes and bad choices, they weren’t bad people and you could still see that a person isn’t just black and white. Even though this book is a tearjerker, it can make even reluctant readers read.

One memorable thing about this book was how it described how the people who are gone will always be there in our hearts.


Reviewed by Manasa, Grade 7, Glen Allen Library

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