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Read + Review — Best Friends Through Eternity, by Sylvia McNicoll


Fourteen year old Paige is hit by a train when taking a shortcut home in order to avoid some bullies. While unconscious, a part of Paige travels to a realm between life and death where she encounter a long lost childhood friend, Kim. However, overwhelmed by unfinished responsibilities, Paige is determined to find a way back to her former life. This book shows Paige embarking on a journey of self discovery and cultural identity.

The concept of this book was interesting for it touched upon realistic issues in a surreal way. Although the book was short, the characters were beautifully developed and each had depth. The characters in this story were easy to relate to because they faced very common problems that the average teenager faces. Overall, the plot was engaging and also unpredictable.

Something memorable about the book was that the problems that the characters had to deal with were real and believable.

Reviewed by Bonnie, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library


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